• First Aid.
  • Mountain safety procedures.
  • Acute Mountain sickness – precautions and cure.
  • The use of PAC – Portable Altitude Chamber and Gamow bags to reduce the effects of altitude sickness.
  • Arranging helicopter evacuation when critically required to do so.
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear

    Wear suitable footwear with a treaded sole, and that provides support for ankles.

    Clothing should be colourful, warm, windproof and waterproof. Always carry a hat and gloves as even in summer the summits can be bitterly cold and it's always colder the higher you climb.

  • Before you set out

    Charge your phone battery. Many accidents happen towards the end of the day, when both you and your phone may be low on energy.

    Check the weather forecast and local conditions. Mountains can be major undertakings, and in the winter months night falls early.

    Eat well before you set out.

    On your walk

    Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared to turn back if conditions turn against you.